Saturday, April 2, 2011

Featured Customer #1 Shana Hammaker

We are delighted to have Shana as a Customer for many reasons.
Here is her
Author Page
... and her "avatar"

Shana's marketing plan is simple but brilliant. She is publishing 12 Short Story Thrillers, one a month, in 2011 - here are first 4


That marketing combines beautifully with Shana's ability to write crisp fresh and unexpected thrillers, with each one in its own unique style and twists and turns.

That means most of those who read one of her thrillers are hooked, and can't wait till next month to pay 99 cents for the next, and those that come in later, eg April, tend to go back and buy from the previous months.

As for the covers, she shares our exact thoughts on the Product Image in that it should not try to tell the whole story but just grab ONE main theme from each thriller, so it can be identified in the tiny thumbnail of 115 x 115 which is first place a surfer MIGHT become interested enough to click further.

Plus, we have agreed with her to have the same basic format, colors etc for each book so as to establish a "cult" thing where Shana's Thrillers can be instantly identified as part of the series AND stand out from similar books.

From our point of view, it makes our job so easy that we were able to offer Shana three for the price of one - so a Win-Win situation for everyone.

and we are sure Shana won't mind us giving a sneak preview of


For Shana we don't do format, just covers, so we have to wait along with everyone else to get Thrillers #5 and #6 - Harry Potter eat your heart out!


  1. Thanks for the feature! Love working with you, and LOVE the covers!

    Shana Hammaker

  2. Nice! Looking forward to reading these!