Friday, April 1, 2011

Marketing Tip #1 Customer Images [CIs]

Amazon provides a very interesting feature where anyone [incl the author] can upload a Customer Image. The Rules are:
Image sharing rules of etiquette
Have fun sharing images and let your imagination run wild. Please also treat the Amazon community with respect: behave as if you were a guest at a friend's dinner party. Don't write inappropriate comments or show inappropriate pictures.
Marketing wise this is [in American] a "win-win situation" and in Russian "vos eet goot for you tu Natasha?"
Firstly for service providers such as us we get to show our wares, albeit one is not allowed to directly promote their service.
Secondly Amazon does a compilation of all the CIs from each person, and [as for tags etc] allows people to vote on the CIs.

This is our Gallery

Thirdly your Gallery is arranged as "most votes" or one can select "last added".
So based on the "All Roads Lead to Rome" theory, when a person views a CI the source book is shown on RHS, completing the loop in the win-win situation, or yes, it vos goot for me too!.

Additional benefit as posted 28 June 2012

Since Amazon introduced the Look Inside feature one gets TO it by double click on the Product Image.

This means there is no longer a way to ENLARGE the image to 500 x 500 as before UNLESS someone [can be the author] posts a Customer Image.

If someone DOES then CIs appear as 500 x 500 BUT also the Product Image gets included in the thumbs underneath so now the Product Image CAN be enlarged once again.

Here is an example we did after buying a secondhand copy of Stephen King's Firestarter and making into a 3-d rendition


You will note that the caption at the bottom of his cover can now be read, hence the win win situation has even more wins.

Nice one Amazon

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