Monday, December 5, 2011

Amazon Kindle has Unbelievable Tekkers

I guess only those Pommy and Oz fans of Soccer AM will understand Unbelievable Tekkers. "Some Tekkers are GOOOOOD Some Tekkers are BAAAAAD then there are UNBELIEVABLE TEKKERS
What is UNBELIEVABLE follows from last post where it seemed Amazon/Kindle browser [at least in the format of Kindle for PC] SCALED at 3 different rates in order to NOT have a White Space at the bottom of a Kindle Page.

We have now gone back to our generic SANDBOX ["where's the playground Suzi?"] and experimented further to find that this SCALING has NINE graduations.

Please observe here using the same image from the book. The author supplied this image [as a 3:4 "MegaPixel Monster] at 1944 x 2592 pixels. We then RESISED it as 400 wide [maintaining aspect ratio].

We also transferred the text in the Word file into a caption ON the image. So what we uploaded to Kindle was simply a 400 x 533 jpg at 90% compression and 80 kb, meaning KindleGen did NOT alter it in any way, albeit it DID SCALE it, and here's the proof.

Here it is with pagebreak before

Up to Line4 no scaling happens. The image simply slides down the page UN scaled.
At this stage you will see that SCALING is starting to take over, ie rather than shunting image to next page it has been reduced in size in order to fit ON the page.
Please scroll down the page to see how this is repeated NINE TIMES as the image is continually made smaller in order to fit what is left of the page.
Finally after 15 lines it gives up on the SCALING and kicks the image into the next Kindle page.

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