Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Clearing the Air about width/height Attributes

 We recently posted the blog 2 below this one understanding-resize-vs-scaling regarding the new Scaling algorithms in Kindle for PC that "do their best" to eliminate white spaces at the bottom of a page by "squeezing" an image in via Scaling.

We made the "aside comment" that, as distinct from a normal web browser, Kindle asks the author to simply tab the image, without any "forced" scaling [because Kindle Browser will be doing all manner of scaling itself, as we see NINE different renditions in the post below].

The comment we made was "In general web authors display an image on a website at full size, and sure way to do that is just specify the image [img src=...] without any attributes, eg width=x height=y." 

That "aside comment" created an extraordinary response at the Kindle Forum from one of the "established publishers"

"I really, really, REALLY do not want to "get into it" with you, but your blog post is completely, utterly, inescapably, WRONG. Height and Width attributes for images absolutely work in html in Kindle. We use them EVERY BLOODY DAY. Honestly, it is MIND-BOGGLING to me that you come here and serve up all this misinformation. What is the point of all this codswallop? WHY do you do this? WHY do you deliberately mislead all these poor DIY newbies? It's CRUEL, and it's a rotten thing to do. I honestly don't know if you are malicious or just ignorant. Either way, it's a crappy thing to do to the noobs." 

We replied that she MIGHT use them every bloody day but, as seen by these posts, Kindle simply does its own thing Scaling wise. The main issue was we had not used any height/width attributes for the subject exercise.

We are still totally mystified by WHY she would use them or in fact why it is such an issue with her. Then we remembered that in preparing our Bible on Word to Kindle we had in fact tried the normal [incorrect] path of inserting images in Word and not in the html.

We uploaded the Word doc and downloaded the html at the Preview. So we went back to that file and here it is in EasyHTML with html at top and browser output below

As you can see [the dark blue], KindleGen took our image graphics2.jpg  and made its own cut down image [at about 80% compression] and saved it in a new directory called images, and finally used ATTRIBUTES of align and border, BUT NO WIDTH OR HEIGHT.

So we hope this clears up the confusion of our friend so she might rejoin her normal life style and heart's ease.

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